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901 E Hanna Ave,
Indianapolis, IN


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Tuesday - Friday 10am to 6pm
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Our Indianapolis Store
Filled with supplies, surrounded by ponds.
People drive for hours to visit us.

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Find your favorite products and shop online
when it's convenient for you!

Installing a pond at your home or business
Our pond designs and installations
are elegantly customized to your location.

Classes in Pond Building and Maintenance
Classes in water garden maintenance and construction.

Pond How-to Information and Support
Got a question? Got a problem? We've got answers.

See the ponds - Video and photos
A scrapbook of images and footage
full of ideas for your pond.

About Cool Ponds
We're a small family-run company,
and boy do we love ponds!

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Ponds add beauty to your home day and night.




Our store is surrounded with nine
ponds and waterfeatures of all sizes.















Ponds make people smile

A well-designed pond is a relaxation machine. The coolness of the water, the quiet burbling sound, the graceful movement of the fish beneath the lilies, the natural shapes and contours of the rocks. Everything contributes to letting the cares of the day slip away.

Coming home to a pond helps you find tranquility and relaxation.

Ponds also replace the sounds of the city and traffic with the calming sound of water flowing over rocks.

For thousands of years, ponds and small waterfalls have been an ideal place for contemplation and tranquility. At the same time, ponds can also be a place of fascinating activity — the churning fish at feeding time, the water cascading down along the rocks, the shimmering light reflected off the water.

Children of all ages love ponds. In fact, everybody likes ponds.

At Cool Ponds we really like ponds. It's what we do at work, and we've got multiple ponds at home. We can help you with everything from tips about getting rid of algae to designing and installing a custom pond. We're happy to answer any question — over the phone, by email, or in our Indianapolis store. We offer:

  • Pond Design and Installation
  • Pond Maintenance
  • Pond-free Waterfall Installation (also know as pondless waterfalls or disappearing fountains)
  • Wildlife Habitats
  • A complete store with water gardening supplies for maintenance and the do-it-yourselfer


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901 E Hanna Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46227


Email us: info@coolponds.net