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Changing Your Aerator to Benefit Your Pond in Winter

The bubbling of aerator stones close
to the water surface will keep an adequate
hole in the ice for fish to survive.









If you have ever read anything from Cool Ponds or taken one of our seminars, then you probably know we preach the benefit of adding an aerator to your pond. But you can't just put an aerator in the pond in the warm months and forget about it... you have to make a slight change for winter.

Bring the air stones close the the water surface.
For two distinct and important reasons...

Air stones in the pond bottom (where they should be for warm months) can disturb the warmest water and possibly stress your fish. All your fish want to do is find the warmest spot and take a nap. There should be nothing running or circulating in the pond bottom.

The agitation the air stones create at the water surface will keep a hole in the ice. This hole will allow oxygen into the water and carbon dioxide out... both very important to your fish. You may not even need to use a deicer in your pond. A deicer uses a lot more electricity than an aerator. Compare 4 watts to upwards of 1250 watts!

Here's a great tip: If you have your air lines for your air stones buried nicely and don't like the idea of moving them, have two sets of lines... one for warm months and one for cold months. You may need an extra set of air stones also because sometimes they don't detach easily after they have been used. All you will have to do is switch the lines on your compressor from warm lines to cool lines. Check out our winter airline kit that makes it super easy by clicking the "Shopping for Aeration" link below.

Think about it!

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