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Using an Aerator in
Winter for Deicing

A two-stone aerator such as this one can aerator a pond up to 1,000 gallons in the summer and keep a hole in the ice for gas exchange in the winter.



The bubbling of aerator stones close
to the water surface will keep an adequate
hole in the ice for fish to survive.









Aerators are great for ponds in warm months. Not only do they provide extra oxygen for fish but the extra oxygen also makes your beneficial bacteria work and reproduce more effectively which in turn makes your pond cleaner and clearer. But aerators can be of great benefit in the winter for keeping a hole in the ice as well. If you have fish, an opening in the ice is important for gas exchange. Oxygen needs to get in and carbon dioxide needs to get out.

Aerators consist of an air compressor, air lines, air stones, and check valves. The air lines with the air stones at their ends are connected to the air compressor with the check valves in line to prevent moisture from siphoning from the pond to the compressor. The compressor must be protected from weather, moisture, etc. This is easy with the use of a fake rock, bucket, flower pot, or it can even be placed inside a building -- our aerators come with airlines 30' long.

The air stones should be placed just below the water surface for winter. The agitation of the water surface will prevent the water from freezing. Dangling the stones on the pond edge is fine, the unfrozen area can be anywhere. If you have a skimmer, we recommend placing the air stones as close to the skimmer opening as you can get. This will help keep the water flowing into the skimmer.

In the coldest parts of some winters the pond may freeze over temporarily. For those days, it's not a bad idea to have a deicer on hand.

Many people who use aerators bury their air lines so there isn't any messy tubing lying around. This is a great idea. Most of us want our features to look as natural as possible. If you are in this situation, get a second set of air lines and air stones that you use just for winter. Leave the others where they are buried but disconnect them. Connect the winter lines to the aerator and you are set for winter!

Properly Sizing an Aerator

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