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Plan Your Dream Landscape

Visit Our Support Center and Showroom

901 E Hanna Ave

Indianapolis, IN 46227

Tues - Fri 10am - 5pm

Sat - Mon Closed

Landscape Plantings

Cool Ponds has its roots in landscape design. Let us bring a new dimension and life to your outdoor living space.

Complement Your Water Feature

A water feature without landscaping around it is like a living room without wall paint-- functional and great to have but just missing that final touch! Cool Ponds knows just the right plants that will work perfectly around your water feature, enhancing its already striking beauty.

Rainwater Garden

Working with nature is so much easier and more rewarding than working against it! If you have a low spot that collects water, Cool Ponds can transform that nuisance into a beautiful rain garden.

Wildlife Habitat

Did you know your yard-- no matter the size-- can be a perfect habitat for all kinds of wildlife? Your landscaping is the first big step in habitat creation. 

Erosion Control

Cool Ponds knows water, even when it's not doing what you'd like it to do. Landscaping can be a beautiful and cost-effective way to prevent erosion. 

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