Cool Ponds' Photography Policy

We are very proud to have such beautiful gardens here at Cool Ponds. To protect our gardens and to keep our visitors safe, we do have an official photography policy.

All Visitors

We want everyone to be able to enjoy our gardens for years to come, so to preserve our works we ask everyone to adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Please do not climb furniture, rocks, or stray from the marked paths. 

  • Do not enter the water in our water features. Do not place props or camera equipment into the water.

  • Please feel free to take all the photographs you like for personal use. Photos are great references when building or dreaming up your own water feature. Please note that our water features and landscaping is protected by copyright law. You may not publish, sell, reproduce, or distribute photographs of our gardens for any commercial purpose.

  • Do not pick flowers, walk in landscape beds, or handle any of our plants. 

  • You are welcome to tour and photograph our gardens for personal use during our open hours. To gain access to the gardens after hours, we ask that you submit a permit application and pay the application fee (see below).

Professional Photographers

Any photographer selling their photography services or photographs must follow the following guidelines and submit a permit application to our event manager.

  • All guidelines for all visitors above apply to professional photographers as well. 

  • We understand that our gardens are a great backdrop for photography shoots. In order to gain access to our gardens for this purpose, you must submit a permit application and pay the application fee. The application fee is $25. This is non-refundable.

  • Your permit application fee will pay for a one hour time slot. During this time slot, you may only have one subject or group of subjects up to six people. If you bring multiple groups or host "mini-sessions" during your time slot, you will be barred from utilizing our location again.

  • You must submit a new permit application for every hour you intend to shoot. Each permit is only good for one hour and one subject or group of six subjects.

  • With your permit application you will be required to provide proof of insurance.

  • You may bring more than one photographer during your time slot: however the same subject quantity limitations apply.

  • All professional photography time slots are offered after our open hours (varies during the year) Tuesday through Saturday. You will only be permitted access to our gardens with an accepted application and the escort of a Cool Ponds' staff member.

  • Cool Ponds reserves the right to withdraw permission to photograph within our gardens for any reason. 

To submit a permit application, please contact our event manager,

Kasey Camfield. She can be reached via email at

or by phone 317-786-3670.

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