Water Feature Leak Repair

We know how frustrating it is to have a water feature that doesn’t hold water. We want to help if we can! 


Repairs are much easier when the water feature was installed correctly in the first place. That might be an obvious statement to make, but we want to be transparent. If your pond was built in a way that would make it very difficult or even impossible to make a repair, we will let you know upfront.


The repairs we can make on your water feature are limited. In some cases, the leak may be too much like finding a needle in a haystack, and we feel genuinely that in these situations, your money is better spent on a remodel than on the hours and hours of searching for a leak that may never be found.

Here are the types of repairs we can make:

  • Corroded bolt connections on skimmers and biofalls. The older models of filters often included bolts that fall apart over time. We can redo the liner connections to these filters with stainless steel bolts and fresh silicone. 

  • Low edges. Your water feature liner may have slipped due to settling or some misplaced rocks. When the edge of the liner falls below your water level, you will experience leaks. 

  • Adding a sump basin. In some rare circumstances, your ground may hold too much water and not drain fast enough. If you notice that a large bubble forms under your pond liner every time it rains, you may have this issue. You’ll experience large amounts of water loss as the ground finally drains -- the bubble under the liner displaced a lot of your pond’s water.


If you have the following, we suggesting considering a total water feature remodel instead of a leak repair:

  • If your pond itself does not hold water with the pump off. If the water drains below the skimmer opening, this means there’s a hole in the liner. Finding that hole is very time-consuming, but worse than that -- often times there’s more than one hole. If the hole is caused by a critter chewing through your liner, then the critter will just come back and chew more holes. In our professional pond builds, we install a barrier to prevent this from happening.

  • If your water feature was installed with any type of liner other than 45mil rubber liner. Vinyl liner, thinner rubber liner, fiberglass, or concrete all have their own issues. If your water feature was constructed with any of these types of liners, our involvement with your repair will be only to remodel your water feature.

  • If you have a pond but really dread taking care of it. Sometimes a leak is a blessing in disguise. Every year we do more and more pond to pond-free waterfall conversions.

In the first two circumstances, we cannot make a repair for you. If you're interested in having us remodel your water feature, we'll be happy to do so! Check out our water feature remodel page.

We know this is a lot of information, but we want you to have realistic expectations about what Cool Ponds can help you with and what’s possible for your water feature.


Before you contact us to have us start your leak diagnosis, you'll need to do some homework first. 

  1. ​Make sure your water feature is actually leaking. You'd be surprised how much natural water loss can be! We have a very handy guide to measuring water loss. Follow this for 2 - 3 days to confirm if your water feature is leaking and how much it's leaking.

  2. Make sure your pond holds water / your pond-free holds water with the pump shut off.


How to find a leak in your pond.png

Our blog article above has a great section at the beginning walking you through measuring water loss.


So are we. Click below to fill out our repair request form so that we can get started.

A note about travel times...

Because leak diagnoses often take multiple trips and because we do charge for travel time, we simply cannot make repairs to any water feature that is further than 25 miles away from our location.


We do want to help you in any way we can, so we're happy to guide you through the repair process virtually.

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