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Careers with Cool Ponds

We feel incredibly lucky every day to follow our passions and build incredible things for wonderful people. If you'd like to join our team, check out our career options below. 
Learn more about who we are here.

Landscape Crew Foreman

Cool Ponds is hiring a full-time landscape crew foreman. This is not your typical landscape company: we don't do lawn care and we don't plow snow. With us, you'll build something incredible every day. This is work you'll be proud of. Take a look at our previous projects if you don't want to just take our word for it.
We're a small company, and that means that each individual employee makes a huge impact. You'll be an integral part of our team, helping us to achieve our mission of helping our customers create and maintain their own pieces of natural paradise.
Job Description 
As our landscape crew foreman, you will lead our crew of two to four crew members. You'll work closely with all members of Cool Ponds. Your responsibilities will include:
  • Training crew members in all Cool Ponds installation and maintenance practices
  • Fostering professional growth in crew members with formal employee evaluations
  • Disciplining employees when necessary
  • Working closely with our project manager to ensure proper job estimation and project design
  • Communicating daily with retail staff to keep our showcase gardens looking great
  • Maintaining company vehicles and equipment 
  • Facilitating the completion of projects from start to finish
  • Keeping your customers informed of project timing
Why Cool Ponds Rocks 
We are highly protective of our play time! Our landscape crew works Tuesday through Friday from 8am to 6pm. We work hard during those 40 hour work weeks, but it's worth the sweat for three day weekends! 
One of the reasons Cool Ponds has been around since 2004 is our ability to adapt and grow. If you have a way to make Cool Ponds better, we want to hear it. You'll be a part of our team -- not a cog in a machine.
All of us at Cool Ponds have chosen our careers because we genuinely love our work. We love what we do. We have a ton of fun working together. If you're missing joy in your work day, then this is a job for you.
Typical Day Description
Your job as a landscape crew foreman at Cool Ponds will be a full-time, salaried position. Your day-to-day operations will change depending on the time of the year.
December - February
Our winters vary from year to year. Some years we make improvements to our shop inside and outside. In years past we've spent winters preparing for trade shows. In general, we set ourselves up for the next season.
March - early May
This is our pond cleaning season. You and the rest of the landscape crew will double as pond maintenance technicians. You'll drive all over the greater Indianapolis area in company vehicles and clean customers' water features. 
Early May - November
Here's what a typical day during our installation season will look like:
  • 7:30 - 7:45am : arrive for the day, get the trucks ready to go, double-check project materials gathered from the night before, give the day's customer a call
  • 8:00am : short meeting with crew 
  • Drive to the job site in our company trucks with all crew
  • At the job site, you'll meet with the customer. With the project drawing and estimate sheet in hand, you'll direct the job site: where the tools are going to be staged, delegate who is running the machines that day, and guiding the crew through the project. You'll be in the thick of the work, making sure everything is going smoothly and jumping in when there's a big rock to move or some waterfall decisions to make.
  • During the work day, you'll be watching for areas of improvement the crew can make and also finding chances to compliment crew members on jobs well done.
  • After the project is complete, you'll walk the customer through the finished project.
  • Arriving back at Cool Ponds, you'll get the crew to unload the vehicle for the day and pull product for the next day. You'll check in with our retail staff to see if there's anything around the shop / showcase that needs attending. If any adjustments need to be made to future estimates, you'll give your recommendations to our project manager.
  • A proven ability to lead a team. Your main function at Cool Ponds will be teaching your crew members. You'll need to be able to discipline just as well as build up your employees.
  • Knowledge of landscape practices. We will teach you everything Cool Ponds-specific (all pond building, pond maintaining info). But other landscape knowledge such as patio building, planting, and use of common tools and machinery is a must. Please let us know if you have other expertise like carpentry or electrical work!
  • A positive attitude. We need you to find the good in every situation. Our company culture is steeped in gratitude, so to fit in, you'll need to have gratitude too.
  • You'll need to love being outdoors. We try to mimic nature as best as we can. To understand how to build a natural waterfall, you'll need to know what a natural waterfall looks like!
  • A drive to be better every day. When you work with a small company like ours, every individual attitude makes a big impact. We all strive to be better at our jobs and to be better people. An understanding of your own strengths and a will to improve your weaknesses will not only help yourself -- it'll help your entire team.
  • A genuine desire to lead and grow a team. As a landscape foreman at Cool Ponds, building ponds will be the second most important thing you do. The most important thing you'll do is to lead your team.
  • Clear communication. You'll be texting, emailing, calling, and speaking face to face not only with your landscape crew but with every member of Cool Ponds. And your customers too.
  • A fun-loving attitude. What's the point of working a job if it's no fun to you? We come to work every day excited to be here -- what we do is cool and the people we work with are fun to be around.
Physical Demands

In order to perform this job, the landscape foreman and all landscape crew members will be physically required to:

  • Lift 80+lbs

  • Kneel, bend, crouch, and climb in and out of holes

  • Stand for long periods of time

  • Ability to communicate orally with customers and crew members 

  • Operate hand tools such as shovels and pickaxes 

  • Operate machinery

  • Visually observe job site to maintain high safety standards for both Cool Ponds’ employees and customers

  • Work outdoors in all types of weather conditions


Please note that we will also require a valid driver’s license and ability to pass a drug test. All Cool Ponds’ property, vehicles, and job sites are tobacco-free.

What We're Offering

  • A salaried position that works 40 hours a week all year

  • Health insurance 

  • Three day weekends

  • Three weeks paid vacation a year. You'll have two weeks off at the end of December and another week of your choosing.

If you have any questions about this job, please contact Kasey Camfield. You can reach her via email or telephone.