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Plan Your Dream Landscape

Visit Our Support Center and Showroom

901 E Hanna Ave

Indianapolis, IN 46227

Tues - Fri 10am - 5pm

Sat - Mon Closed

How to Guides

Although we're always learning something new, over our years of pond building, pond maintaining, and pond owning, we've amassed quite a wealth of knowledge. Here you'll find a collection of our blog articles we've written (and updated!) over the years.

For more personalized care, stop by our support center. We're friendly (we won't bite!), and we have all the supplies you'll need through any season.

Seasonal Tips

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Get Our Treatment Regimen

It can be confusing knowing what water treatments to use and when and how much and how often... So we've cleared that up for you! 

We have a schedule and dosage chart in a convenient PDF for you to download. Hang in on the fridge, keep it in your treatment tote -- and remember to use it!

Help by Topic

Click the image above to open the PDF in your web browser.

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More Questions?

We've got more answers!  Read our blog, check out our Vimeo videos, and keep updated on Facebook.

But better yet -- come see us at our support center! We've got the expertise and right supplies for your water feature.