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Aquatic Pond Plants

What's a water garden without plants? Not only are water plants an essential part of keeping your pond water clear, they add an ever-changing dimension to your pond.

You can find a large selection of pond plants at Cool Ponds from April to August. Be the first to know when our plants arrive in the spring by signing up for our e-newsletter.

Marginal Plants

Marginal plants sit on the sides of your pond in depths of water from 2" to 10." These come in varieties hardy to Indiana's zone and tropical varieties as well. Pictured above is hardy water iris (Iris 'black gamecock,' Iris 'Ann Chowning'). Perfect for keeping your pond balanced and beautiful!

Water Lilies

A classic pond plant, water lilies are great at shading your pond and providing brilliant pops of color. You can find hardy lilies at Cool Ponds in white, peach, orange, red, and pink. Tropical water lilies, like the one pictured above, come in hot pinks, purples, blues, and more!

Floating Plants

Floating plants, like the water hyacinth pictured, grow quickly, compete with algae effectively, and provide shade. These are tropical, so you may not find these at Cool Ponds until the weather is warmer in late spring!

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Spring 2020


Spring 2020

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