Pond Installation

From the delicate beauty of water lilies, to the vibrancy of swimming fish, to the soothing sounds of your own waterfall, a Cool Ponds pond will be a dynamic and personal part of your life.

Anyone can build a pond. But not everyone can build a beautiful, low-maintenance, and functioning ecosystem. And even fewer people can help you maintain your pond for years to come. Cool Ponds does it all.

There is nothing quite like owning a pond. It is your paradise, your vacation at home, and your ever-changing hobby. 

The key to keeping your pond crystal clear is to build it correctly in the first place. At Cool Ponds, we've perfected the art of building mini-ecosystems that are simple to maintain and are beautiful to watch.

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Don't forget to pair your new pond with beautiful landscaping and a patio to enjoy the pond from!

A picture is worth a thousand words...

Cool Ponds Is Here For You


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You deserve your own piece of paradise. We are honored to serve thousands of people just like you across Indiana in building and maintaining beautiful water features. 

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