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Water Feature Remodels

Every year, we are contracted to remodel more and more water features. In fact, over half of our total water feature installations are remodels!
When we say "remodel," what we really mean are rebuilds. The equivalent of what we're doing to your water feature is like demolishing an entire house and building a brand new house in its place. Read below for just a few of the many benefits to remodeling your pond or pond-free waterfall.

Benefits of a Water Feature Remodel

A Brand New Look

Whether you've lived with your water feature for years or you've just moved into a house with an existing feature, a remodel is a chance for a completely new look. 

During your remodel, we will completely remove your old feature and replace everything. This is your chance to change your features' size, location, waterfall, shape... the list goes on! Consider that spot in your yard like a blank slate. Our project manager can help you pick out some new, fresh details to put into the new design. 

A remodel is also a great time to add a longer creek to the new design. Not only are creeks great for aesthetics and wildlife, creeks help keep your pond water clear

Lower Maintenance

The ease of pond maintenance starts with a pond's design. Every part of your new pond will be designed to keep you enjoying your pond -- not working on it! From high quality filters to algae-battling plants, your new pond will be a functioning, balanced ecosystem that will be crystal clear year-round with minimal effort from you.

Go From Pond to Pond-free

Converting a pond to a pond-free waterfall is an increasingly popular move with our customers. If you enjoy water but don't care about fish, then a pond-free waterfall is ideal for you!

A pond-free waterfall is a waterfall and stream that recirculates with an underground reservoir. Pond-free waterfalls can be built in all shapes and sizes. 

The very best part of a pond-free waterfall is how little maintenance it is. They really couldn't be easier.

More Fish and Plant Friendly

Over the years of building water features, we've developed techniques to pond building that will make your new pond an ideal home for fish and a perfect spot to grow water plants. It's all about the careful placement of rock for fish shelter, safe waterfall construction, plant shelves at correct heights, and more. 

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How Cool Ponds Remodels Water Features

First, you'll meet with our project manager. He'll find out what kind of water feature bests suits your lifestyle and design a brand new feature to exactly suit your tastes.

A Final Word...

At Cool Ponds, we aim to be as transparent as possible. We want you to know upfront that generally, water feature remodels cost more than if we were installing a feature on bare ground.
The reason for this extra cost is the extra time it will take us to remove the old water feature. The removal is something you can do yourself, however, and you can save yourself some significant cost by doing that. Our project manager can walk you through that process and break down the costs for removal.
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