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Pond-free Waterfall Installation

Few experiences compare to the peace and rejuvenation a beautiful waterfall can bring you. Let Cool Ponds bring serenity to your life.

What is a pond-free waterfall?

A pond-free or pondless waterfall has no standing body of water-- just a waterfall! It requires precise technical know-how and artistic ability. Cool Ponds has you covered.

The perfect feature for low-maintenance

With no body of water, there is no ecosystem to maintain. These features could not be easier to maintain: no water treatments or filters necessary. Run them all the time or only when you view it-- it's up to you! Let us add some native plants to the surrounding landscape, and you've got a complete recipe for a low-maintenance paradise.

A perfect fit for every yard and lifestyle

One of the best parts of a pond-free waterfall is its versatility. They fit into tiny spaces or can be expanded into a long creek. They can roll slowly for bird baths and grandkids or provide an epic backdrop to your outdoor gatherings.

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A picture is worth a thousand words...

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