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So you're considering a water feature...

Why have a water feature?

All of us who work at Cool Ponds will tell you: having a water feature has become an essential part of life. To have a living ecosystem right outside your home is inspiring. To spend time near water brings a relaxation that words just can't express. Nonetheless, we've written a lot about the subject! Browse our blog articles for some advice and some gentle persuasion. 

What type of water feature is right for you?

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​If you're interested in having fish or water lilies, then a pond is ideal for you. Our ponds are easy to maintain. You'll have a piece of Mother Nature as the centerpiece of your new outdoor living space.

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Pond-free Waterfall

A pond-free waterfall is just as its name implies: a waterfall without a standing body of water. Whether you want a roaring falls you can see from inside your house or a little brook next to your patio, we can build it.

cool ponds water feature

Something Different

If your water tastes are more unique than a pond or a pond-free waterfall, then we have good news: we can help! If you have the space, then we have the design skills and tools. Check out our showroom and display gardens for just a sampling of what we can do.

Not all water features are created equally.

So you know you want a water feature, and you know what kind. Now the question is -- who installs it for you? 
A properly built water feature is your own personal paradise. But if built incorrectly, you may very well end up with a green nightmare! Do some research before you break ground. If you're a DIYer, make sure you get quality materials and know the proper installation methods (we can help with that!). 
If you're looking for an installer, make sure you choose an installer who knows water features intimately. With Cool Ponds, you can see our work first-hand. We can walk you through the ins and outs of every part of your water feature. 

Don't forget that you need a space to enjoy your new water feature too! We can help with that.

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