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Plan Your Dream Landscape

Visit Our Support Center and Showroom

901 E Hanna Ave

Indianapolis, IN 46227

Tues - Fri 10am - 5pm

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So you're considering a water feature...

Why have a water feature?

Ponds are not just a part of your yard

They're a part of your life. A well-designed pond is a relaxation machine. The coolness of the water, the quiet burbling sound, the graceful movement of the fish beneath the lilies, the natural shapes and contours of the rocks. Everything contributes to letting the cares of the day slip away.

Good for you and good for the Earth too

The water in your yard will sustain an incredible amount of life. Birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and insects. Water features are so much better than a boring grass lawn. And your water feature is even better when you pair it with a nature-friendly landscape.

A perfect excuse to be outdoors

Have a morning meditation, host a party, teach your little one about nature... the ideas are endless.

Improve your health

This one seems a little far-fetched doesn't it? But it's true! Learn more about the physical, mental, and emotional health improvements water features can help you make in the link below.

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What type of water feature is right for you?

spring 08 153.jpg

​If you're interested in having fish or water lilies, then a pond is ideal for you. Our ponds are easy to maintain. You'll have a piece of Mother Nature as the centerpiece of your new outdoor living space.


pondfree header_edited.jpg

A pond-free waterfall is just as its name implies: a waterfall without a standing body of water. Whether you want a roaring falls you can see from inside your house or a little brook next to your patio, we can build it.

Pond-free Waterfall

If your water tastes are more unique than a pond or a pond-free waterfall, then we have good news: we can help! If you have the space, then we have the design skills and tools. Check out our showroom and display gardens for just a sampling of what we can do.

Something Different

Don't forget that you need a space to enjoy your new water feature too! We can help with that.