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Koi and Goldfish

Please see below for all the koi and goldfish we currently have in stock. 

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This page last updated 5/7/24

Fish are now available!

Sizes and Pricing

pond goldfish indianapolis


You'll find a mix of goldfish sold at Cool Ponds -- sarassa, comet (usually orange but can also be brown like the one pictured), and shubunkin (the multi-colored fish pictured).

Goldfish live an average of 6- 8 years and can grow to a maximum of around 10". 

4-5" Mixed Goldfish - $9.99 each


Domestic Koi

buying koi indianapolis

Koi have a much longer life expectancy and can grow as long as 36"! Koi also have a much wider variety of color combinations -- even yellow and blue!

You can purchase a wide range of colors of koi from Cool Ponds. We sell our koi in two sizes -- small 4-6" and medium 8-10".

Small standard fin koi $29.99

Small butterfly fin koi $38.99

Medium standard fin koi $71.99 

Medium butterfly fin koi $92.99 

pond fish indianapolis

What to expect when buying fish.

At Cool Ponds, we sell fish exclusively from outdoor tanks (pictured) during the spring and summer months. We receive new shipments of fish every 1 - 2 weeks May through July.

You won't be getting a "grab bag" assortment. When you pick out the fish you want, that's the one we net up for you!

Your new fish will be bagged in a plastic bag for the transport home, but please do not plan on traveling for more than 45 minutes. Battery-powered aerators can be purchased separately for travel times from 45 min to 90 min.

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