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Cool Ponds History

The Beginning of Cool Ponds

Steve and Staci Wicker have been in the landscape business since 1991, and at the same time built their first pond and were instantly hooked. Steve installed his first pond professionally in the late '90's. They continued installing ponds but had no reliable place to send their customers for pond supplies or maintenance services.  So in 2004, they purchased the current property on Hanna as the supply store, installation showcase, and installation hub.

After seeing customers repeatedly peer into the main display pond and say, "That is a cool pond," the name Cool Ponds seemed fitting.

Organic Outdoor Living

Cool Ponds has had the distinction of becoming central Indiana's pond experts. In 2016 we held our biannual pond tour, and we heard many people remark that they were surprised to see we completed plantings, patios, and some very unique shade structures as well. We realized we needed to rebrand ourselves so that more people realized how all-inclusive we truly are. After all, we are a full landscape company.

Cool Ponds Organic Outdoor Living came to be in 2018.

cool ponds wicker family
Our love for the outdoors began years ago. We are fortunate enough to have a business centered around our passion for nature and sharing that passion to others.

Cool Ponds' Mission

We believe you deserve to work with a transparent company who will be with you for years to come. We have dedicated much time and resources to building a showroom and support center just for you. Our display gardens showcase the type and scope of work we are excited to build for you. The staff at our support center continuously updates training to best assist you in all your water feature needs.

We appreciate the opportunity to create your own backyard paradise that will become an intimate part of your life.

The Wicker Family

The Wickers have owned and operated Cool Ponds since its inception. We feel very blessed to run a business together. It is our hope that our clients and employees feel like they are a part of our family as well.

steve and staci.jpg

Steve and Staci

Company Founders

Steve and Staci wear a lot of hats in this small business. Steve trains new staff and is an expert team builder. He's known as the "problem solver" around Cool Ponds -- there's never a challenge his ingenuity can't solve. Staci is the creative mastermind behind everything you see at Cool Ponds. From store design to our email newsletters, Staci puts her artist's eye to work.

They have been happily married since 1990! In their spare time, they love traveling
to our country's beautiful scenic
natural areas. (And anyplace there is water!)

steven wicker cool ponds


Project Manager

Steven is a jack of all trades. If you were here when Cool Ponds first opened, a very young Steven probably gave you a tour! Steven's primary role at Cool Ponds is our project manager. He designs all our work and ensures each project is completed to our customers' exact standards. He is excellent at working with clientele and creating a vision.

On his off time, you can find Steven working on a home project, gaming or somewhere in the woods. 

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