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Fall Water Feature Services

A little work in the fall will save you a ton of work later on! We offer the following fall and winter services for your pond or pond-free waterfall.

 Our fall service schedule is limited and spots fill quickly. We recommend contacting us in the summer to get on our fall schedule.



Fall Cleaning Service

Fall is a great time to clean your water feature. You can read more about why you may want to choose fall on our blog.

Fall cleanings are performed in September and October.

fall pond services indianapolis

Leaf Netting Service

If there's ONE thing you do this fall, then make it netting your pond!

Keeping leaves out of your water feature will make your life so much easier.


We use a custom-built "hoop" system when we install nets (pictured). 

Nettings are performed in early October.

fall pond leaf netting service indianapolis

Winter Pump Removal

Running your water feature in the winter may not be possible for you (read more about winter here). We will remove your pump from your water feature for safe storage.

Pump removals are performed the first week of December.

winter pond services indianapolis

Pond Winterizing Services

In order to live safely through the winter, your fish need a hole kept open in the ice. We accomplish this with either an aerator or a floating deicer. We can install either of these options for you.

winter pond services indianapolis
Winter Pump Remoa
If you'd rather tackle fall services on your own, make sure you check out our seasonal tips on our blog and stock up on supplies -- we've got just what you need.
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