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Pump Maintenance

 The pumps we sell at Cool Ponds are built to last. With just a little bit of maintenance, you should get years of performance from our pumps.


Most of our pumps just need a quick spray with a garden hose a couple times a year. If you have an Atlantic Tidal Wave pump, they need just a little extra care. Watch the video below or read the written steps.

Cleaning Atlantic Tidal Wave Pump:

  • Unplug from power and remove pump from skimmer 

  • Remove filter cage with two clasps on the side

  • Remove volute (and attached check valve assembly) by twisting a quarter turn counter clockwise

  • Using the built in wrench on the filter cage (the notches on the bottom), turn the impeller a quarter turn counter clockwise. The impeller and rotor will come out as one unit. NEVER use a tool to remove the rotor! You run the risk of damaging the impeller. If your rotor is stuck, see the steps below

  • Clean filter screen beneath the impeller, the rotor, and the rotor housing inside the pump with a scotch brite pad and water

  • Reassemble pump and replace in skimmer

If your pump has some tough stains that you can't remove with a scotch brite pad or if your rotor is stuck inside the pump, follow these tips:

  • Remove the filter cage and remove the volute

  • Reattach the filter cage

  • Put pump inside a 5 gallon bucket and fill the bucket with half vinegar and half water -- you'll be using a lot of vinegar, but it does the job!

  • Run the pump inside the bucket for 30 - 45 minutes. Without the volute, you shouldn't have too much water spraying out of the bucket, but keep a close eye on it. You don't want the pump running out of water.

  • Remove the filter cage and try to remove the rotor again. It should slide out much easier this time

  • Clean as described above

  • For a super easy clean, soak the rotor and the pump in the vinegar solution with the rotor out of the pump. Do not soak for longer than 1 - 2 hours

If you have hard water or well water, you may experience more build-up inside your pump. 

Winter Removal

You may choose to run your water feature all winter or shut it down. In Indiana, our winters are become more harsh and unpredictable, so in most case, we recommend not running your water feature in the winter.

If you do want to shut your feature off for the winter, you will need to remove your pump and store it in a freeze-proof location. You can read more about the correct way to "shut your water feature down" by clicking the link below.

Cool Ponds' Pump Services

If you need help maintaining your pump, we can help you with that! We clean pumps as part of our pond cleaning services. And if you need us to take out your pump for winter and reinstall it in the spring, we can do that too.

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