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Cool Ponds -- building beautiful water features daily

cool ponds pond and outdoor living installation services

Pond and Water Feature Installation 

Never vacation away from home again. We will design, build, and maintain your own natural backyard pond oasis. We have the expertise not only to build your pond but also your entire outdoor living space. If you're ready for us to dig into your backyard, schedule a meeting with our project manager.


If you aren't sure what type of water feature is right for you, we can help you decide.

cool ponds shop store front

Pond and Water Feature Supplies Store

Whether you've had Cool Ponds install your pond or pond-free waterfall or you're a DIY hobbyist, our staff is here to guide you. Our pond supplies range from live plants and fish in the spring to filters and water treatments. Buy in person at our cute little shop in Indianapolis or shop our online store -- you'll get the same personal care and service Cool Ponds is known for.

cool ponds professional pond maintenance

Professional Water Feature Maintenance

We know ponds forwards and backwards, so if you're looking for an expert to help you care for your pond, look no further! Our most popular pond service is our pond cleanings, but we have other maintenance services too. You can hire us straight from this website -- just fill out the appropriate request form and we'll get you scheduled.


We service not only Indianapolis but most of Indiana!

cool ponds staff

Cool Ponds Is Family-Owned and Operated

We've had the honor of helping thousands of people all over Indiana enjoy their yards since 2004. Building natural paradises for our clients is our passion. Don't let our professionalism dissuade you; we're all friendly and excited to help you enjoy nature!


Looking for a new backyard oasis in this year?


It is time to start planning!

Let's get together and start that process.

Don't wait. Our installation schedule fills quickly.

What's Happening In

the Pond World?

Check out our current event slider for current water conditions, seasonal advice, and other Cool Ponds news!


A picture is worth a thousand words...

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